Technical support

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest possible levels of technical support.

For this reason we offer a range of support packages designed to suite to the needs of your business. . An example: the Start-up package, crucial to ensure assistance in the first months of use of our software.

Regardless of the type of package, requests can be made via telephone or via skype. If necessary, we can offer you a remote support session through a dedicated software. Thanks to this software, our technicians can safely take control of your computer to examine and resolve any problems or show you in real time the correct procedures of our software.

Subscription plans

Our subscription plans have a maximum number of calls per month. Calls not used in the course of a month can not be used the following month.

The Start-up package can only be purchased together with one of our software and can not be renewed


8 calls total

Duration: 4 months (non-renewable)

€ 40,00

Silver Package

1 call per month

Duration: 1 year

€ 120,00

Gold Package

4 calls per month

Duration: 1 year

€ 250,00

On Demand

On demand packages include a number of calls and have no expiration date.


Five Calls

€ 75,00


Twelve calls

€ 150,00

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